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Web TV

I’ve added links for some great Web TV shows to the webcomics resource page which has been renamed Fun Web Stuff.

Here are the links as well as the first episodes of each series.

Vag Magazine


If you like Vag Magazine, you can watch weekly episodes of Fennel’s That’s Not Feminist show where she answers questions like “Which is more feminist, orange juice with or without pulp?”


The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl



Feminism Failure

Flavia Dzodan has written a moving article on the epic failure of feminism over the past week. It’s posted at Tiger Beatdown and is a must read for anyone who doesn’t want current feminism to be plagued by the same problems previous waves had.

Another article written by her, and referred to in the aforementioned post, is here. It may be a depressing read but it’s essential reading.

Thanks to Flavia for writing this! I hope all the yelling is being heard. I’m yelling  in your corner:


How do you fight back? Part 1: Apathy

I am both a feminist and a vegan and this makes people uncomfortable. Either they’re uncomfortable because they don’t want to acknowledge that some of the things we do are terrible, or they’re uncomfortable because they are generally protected by (or in some way identify with) the status quo and feel threatened that I (and others, of course) think there’s something wrong with it.

Despite being a feminist and a vegan for a significant portion of my life, I still don’t know how to deal with either types of reaction. Read the rest of this entry »

And the winner is . . . Edmonton!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Edmonton takes the prize for the least charming place to live in Canada right now. Why? Because besides glamourizing domestic violence in order to sell a hair cut, an inglorious Edmonton radio station has decided to run a Win-A-Wife contest. Yes, you can win your very own mail-order Russian bride. A similar contest was run in New Zealand some time ago and was thoroughly criticized so some top-notch misogynists in Edmonton decided that they’d like to import that contest to Canada.

Now let’s be clear about this, you don’t actually win a wife. What you win is the chance to pick a few potential wives from a catalogue and then hope the person you pick really likes you. So, potential Russian wives, let’s see who’s in the running for your, um…, affection: Read the rest of this entry »

Male Objectification In Comics?

The comic industry has frequently been criticized for objectifying women but, according to Sonia Harris in her recent article for CBR (“Committed: Regarding Male Superheroes as Sex Objects”), we’ve overlooked the fact that men are sexually objectified too. Sonia points out that men are being depicted as “nearly naked and entirely perfect as well.” And while she (maybe?) thinks it’s unfortunate that men and women are being depicted in this way she doesn’t think it’s sexist.

There are a number of problems with her argument not least of which is confusing idealized body standards with objectification. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Non-Apology Part 2

So I talked here about Fluid’s limp apology but I didn’t discuss this part of their response:

…we will be actively setting up partnerships to generate donations with appropriate organizations in this community.  That is a promise.

followed by apologizing to anyone who interpreted their ad to make light of domestic violence and then:

To the rest of you who this has so deeply affected, we truly hope you do something to help stop domestic violence. Truly honor the survivors that you are standing up for. Unfortunately boycotting a hair salon will not accomplish this. (Emphasis mine).

Donating some of the money generated from this ad to shelters in order to deal with the negative publicity is kind of a weaselly move. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art of the Non-apology

The Edmonton based hair salon Fluid is getting a lot of publicity lately because of its distasteful ad depicting a woman with a black eye and the slogan “Look Good In All You Do.” (See the ad here, trigger warning: domestic violence).

The ad shows an obvious lapse in judgement for anyone who cares about other people and doesn’t want to trivialize their negative experiences by making it a selling point in a beauty ad (or any other ad for that matter!) What is so disappointing is the pathetic “we’re sorry you’re offended” response by Fluid that passes for an apology these days. Read the rest of this entry »

Straw-womanning the abortion debate

The National Post recently published an article by Barbara Kay on the moral quandary that feminists face as a result of their belief that women should have a say in what happens to their bodies. Her argument goes something like this:

  1. Women in Canada are allowed to abort for any reason.
  2. In Asia, women selectively abort female fetuses.
  3. Therefore, feminism leads to the destruction of female fetuses. Gotcha!

Read the rest of this entry »