Stop using sex education to confuse me!

by Angela

Some days I just want to stick my head under a pillow and keep it there until the world is a better place. Today is one of those days thanks to the “Institute of Canadian Values” who shall henceforth be named the “Institute of Canadian Bigotry, Homophobia, Transphobia And More Which Would Make This Name Too Long”  (ICBHTMWWMTNTL). Since we’re in the midst of an Ontario election campaign and Liberals wanted to update the sex education curriculum in schools the ICBHTMWWMTNTL put out this sweet and adorable video to petition against the changes (and presumably the Liberal Party).

The current sex education plans include addressing homophobia and teaching children that certain slang words such as “dyke,” and “fag” are hurtful and oppressive. The proposed changes that ICBHTMWWMTNTL talks about on their website are already being rewritten partly because special interest groups like ICBHTMWWMTNTL think that teaching children about homosexuality, masturbation and sex:

is really sexual exploitation of children. And yes that’s a strong term and a strong charge, but this is truly sexually violating little boys and girls.

I think the people at ICBHTMWWMTNTL are in need of a little sex education themselves.

*Update* – The National Post, which ran the ad earlier in the week, has posted an apology here. Just don’t read the comments below the apology. You have been warned.