More Absurd News . . .

by Angela

Trigger warning: child sexual abuse

A missionary adopts two boys while doing international missionary work, brings them to Canada and sexually abuses them for years. He gets four months of jail time because, according to Justice Colin Westman, he is an otherwise good family man. !!?@$!?! He says:

I can’t ignore the fact that you and your wife have obviously been a tremendously caring couple

I don’t even know how to make sense of this unless I woke up in an alternate universe where sexually abusing your children just shows how much you care.

He also gets a commuted sentence because he has the support of his church which just goes to show how far from “equality before the law” we are. I mean, I don’t think having the atheists club behind you is really going to help you get a lesser sentence. I guess what he did was mitigated by being a loving Christian man while doing it.

Read about it here.

*Update* – I’ve been thinking about this Judge’s comment that the man convicted of sexually abusing his children is an otherwise good family man. I can’t imagine a judge saying to a woman who sexually abuses her children that she is otherwise a good family woman and I think the reason has to do with gender norms. Since women are supposed to be the primary care-givers to children, they can’t be good family women if they abuse their children. We don’t even use the phrase “good family woman” to describe women. Instead we use “mother” or “wife.” Since men are not expected to play an instrumental role in raising and caring for their children, it seems consistent by this standard to say that someone is a good family man even when he’s abusing his children. If anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to share.

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