by Angela

You’re Welcome addresses some problematic analogies which compare various forms of oppression here. This is a mistake I make so thanks and I’ll stop now!

Oh look! Only 82.4% of the models in this year’s New York Fashion Week are white.

Newsarama asks professionals in the comic book industry whether American comics are sexist. Sadly, some of them answer No!

An interesting comment on Bare Escentuals’ new beauty campaign which says that “Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.”

An amazing project (which will probably also make you laugh) by Yolanda Dominguez which shows regular people posing the way models pose in magazines and illustrates just how bizarre those poses are. Covered here by Sociological Images.

A yummy looking vegan carrot pecan cornbread recipe which I haven’t tried yet but plan to as soon as I get this chapter of my dissertation finished. Also, see her article here on The New York Times recent horrendous, sexy-dead-chicken pictures.