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Web TV

I’ve added links for some great Web TV shows to the webcomics resource page which has been renamed Fun Web Stuff.

Here are the links as well as the first episodes of each series.

Vag Magazine


If you like Vag Magazine, you can watch weekly episodes of Fennel’s That’s Not Feminist show where she answers questions like “Which is more feminist, orange juice with or without pulp?”


The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl



(In)visible Minorities

Canada prides itself on being a multicultural society and, in a proudly multicultural society, you’d expect to see positive representations of people of colour. There’s a trite little saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” so what does this editorial cartoon which ran on September 7th in The Record say?

September 7

Maybe, one picture’s not enough? Here are the editorial cartoons that ran in The Record between September 7 and October 7, 2011 (I haven’t included cartoons that only represent current politicians). Read the rest of this entry »

Feminism Failure

Flavia Dzodan has written a moving article on the epic failure of feminism over the past week. It’s posted at Tiger Beatdown and is a must read for anyone who doesn’t want current feminism to be plagued by the same problems previous waves had.

Another article written by her, and referred to in the aforementioned post, is here. It may be a depressing read but it’s essential reading.

Thanks to Flavia for writing this! I hope all the yelling is being heard. I’m yelling  in your corner:


How do you fight back? Part 1: Apathy

I am both a feminist and a vegan and this makes people uncomfortable. Either they’re uncomfortable because they don’t want to acknowledge that some of the things we do are terrible, or they’re uncomfortable because they are generally protected by (or in some way identify with) the status quo and feel threatened that I (and others, of course) think there’s something wrong with it.

Despite being a feminist and a vegan for a significant portion of my life, I still don’t know how to deal with either types of reaction. Read the rest of this entry »


On Giantmice, Brooke Thompson writes about her experience being fat-bashed for 20-30 minutes while playing Civworld.

Sociological images had a number of great posts this week. There’s one here about the difference between the roles of white people and non-white people in movies. The other post is about sexiness and the gender binary.

The Women’s Media Center has a post on the cancellation of the TV show The Playboy Club, the ridiculous attempt in the last episode to cast Gloria Steinem as an evil reporter willing to make up a story because she couldn’t find one, as well as a link to a copy of Gloria Steinem’s original expose of The Playboy Club.

The Link has a great article on the relationship between violence against Aboriginal women and colonial violence.

Of course, the week cannot go by without mention of the three amazing women who won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work protecting women and fighting for women’s rights: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman. You can watch an interview with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that was recorded last year here.

In On The Issues Magazine, Ileana Jimenez, a feminist high school teacher writes about bringing feminist theory into the classroom.

Anytime Yoga is running a Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival. Their aim is to dispel myths about domestic violence and they are hoping that people will share their stories. Check out the details here.

That’s it for the week. Feel free to post links to other articles of interest in the comments.


Why I’ll probably never get to be Young and Fun

In the movies you often see Young, Fun People going to a nice bar after work. They Chat and they Laugh and it looks so fun. Sometimes I want my life to be like a movie. I want to sit in a bar after work and Laugh.

In my city, though, the only bars are either Sports bars (which is not where Young, Fun Women go in movies unless they’re trying to show that they’re One Of The Guys), or bars with live bands playing Classic Rock (actually, I’m convinced it’s just one band that has figured out how to be in 5 places at once; also, not where Young, Fun People in movies go). In other words, there is nowhere to go to be a Young and Fun Woman. So I was excited when I heard there was a new bar opening up in town because maybe this would be the bar that would fulfill my movie dreams. A bar that I would be able to go to with friends where I could Chat and Laugh and Have Fun. Read the rest of this entry »


I have been a busy bee trying to compile a list of webcomics for/by/about ladies. The emphasis is on comics written by women with decent characterizations of women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and/or transgendered men and women. You can get to it here or by clicking on the link in the menu bar at the top of the home page.

The list is currently a bit lean so if anyone has any suggestions please leave a link to the first page of the comic in the comments section and, if you have time, give us some idea of why you like it. Feel free to promote your own webcomics here too.

I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

The Pink Strip #2: Smile, someone’s looking at you!


You’re Welcome addresses some problematic analogies which compare various forms of oppression here. This is a mistake I make so thanks and I’ll stop now!

Oh look! Only 82.4% of the models in this year’s New York Fashion Week are white.

Newsarama asks professionals in the comic book industry whether American comics are sexist. Sadly, some of them answer No!

An interesting comment on Bare Escentuals’ new beauty campaign which says that “Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.”

An amazing project (which will probably also make you laugh) by Yolanda Dominguez which shows regular people posing the way models pose in magazines and illustrates just how bizarre those poses are. Covered here by Sociological Images.

A yummy looking vegan carrot pecan cornbread recipe which I haven’t tried yet but plan to as soon as I get this chapter of my dissertation finished. Also, see her article here on The New York Times recent horrendous, sexy-dead-chicken pictures.

More Absurd News . . .

Trigger warning: child sexual abuse

A missionary adopts two boys while doing international missionary work, brings them to Canada and sexually abuses them for years. He gets four months of jail time because, according to Justice Colin Westman, he is an otherwise good family man. !!?@$!?! He says:

I can’t ignore the fact that you and your wife have obviously been a tremendously caring couple

I don’t even know how to make sense of this unless I woke up in an alternate universe where sexually abusing your children just shows how much you care.

He also gets a commuted sentence because he has the support of his church which just goes to show how far from “equality before the law” we are. I mean, I don’t think having the atheists club behind you is really going to help you get a lesser sentence. I guess what he did was mitigated by being a loving Christian man while doing it.

Read about it here.

*Update* – I’ve been thinking about this Judge’s comment that the man convicted of sexually abusing his children is an otherwise good family man. I can’t imagine a judge saying to a woman who sexually abuses her children that she is otherwise a good family woman and I think the reason has to do with gender norms. Since women are supposed to be the primary care-givers to children, they can’t be good family women if they abuse their children. We don’t even use the phrase “good family woman” to describe women. Instead we use “mother” or “wife.” Since men are not expected to play an instrumental role in raising and caring for their children, it seems consistent by this standard to say that someone is a good family man even when he’s abusing his children. If anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to share.

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